Tampa Painting Services

Your house is our passion! We work with homeowners to bring their vision to life, and provide their home a long-lasting finish that may look great for years to come.

We understand that your home deserves the highest quality, so we make sure that we use the most effective, top notch materials, and the best craftmanship.

Instead of replacing your cabinets, why not reface them? Save money on your next remodel with Noel Painting Services Cabinet Refinishing.

Rest assure that Noel Painting Services will match your current cabinets new look with your interior space. We will even update hardware, hinges and knobs. Kitchen, bathroom, regardless of where they’re, we work with all differing kinds of cupboards, materials, and styles.

Noel Painting Services contractors are highly trained and have the skills to remove popcorn ceilings in a safely manner. In addition, we remove other outdated ceiling textures from your ceilings. Thanks to existence of asbestos remaining in some ceiling textures, we take the required precautions to securely remove the ceiling and forestall contamination in your home.

As soon as all of the popcorn is removed, we then prep the surface and apply the new texture replacement. Since this process will be a small messy amount, our experts will take the right steps to contain dust and can pack up as if we were never there once we’re finished

Carpentry Services 

Think Noel Painting Services is simply paint? Think again!

We know painting and marking goes hand in hand with carpentry services. We have the expertise and tools to complete a room that has been recently painted by installing baseboards, crown molding, trims, wainscoting, and more for the final touches.

Other services that we can provide are replacing rotted wood boards from your home exterior siding and drywall repairs inside your home walls.

Noel Painting Services ensures a highly performance paint coating to your garage floor which will make a huge difference visually. This coating is the first step known as Diamond Grind.

This service will remove all oils and contaminants from your garage floor and prep the ground for a long-lasting finish.

Next our team applies epoxy coatings that look great and are chemical resistant. Garage floor coatings will conceal cracks and stains in your garage floor, creating an exquisite finish.

Exterior Painting Services 

Our exterior painting services increase curb appeal and extend the lifetime of your exterior surfaces. We’ll sand and scrape away loose and flaking paint and do all the required prep work, including pressure washing, for exterior finishes that look great and last years.

We offer a variety of exterior home painting and this includes wood sidings, stucco, brick, paneling, concrete, and more. Our painting professionals will facilitate your find the proper paint color.